Products & Services

Flight Reservations / Ticketing

Reservation / issuing of tickets for international travel.

Currently, all flights are booked on Emirates Airline.

Delivery Services

Tickets, travel itineraries and other travel documents will be delivered to clients as a complimentary service if they wish so.


We pride ourselves in the ability to give clients hotels and rooms of their choice. Be it suits, hotel apartments, etc.

This will not be offered as a separate service hence bookings will be done for clients who wish for us to do so, in addition to purchase of tickets for their travel.

Planning of trip / Itinerary:

This in a value adding service we offer clients. We offer to prepare travel itineraries for clients both for leisure travel.

This is to help maximize their stay in the destination country as well as reduce the stress of trying to figure out what to do in the destination countries. This can be done as a separate service at a Fee.


We design packages for groups, or individuals. These are customized to suit clients’ needs.

It however, mainly comprises tickets, accommodation, Dubai visa (where necessary), travel itinerary, airport pick up (where required).




Plan with us, we are here to serve you